Single Use Solutions - for Pharmaceutical and Biotech professionals

Bimba ACRO M600- and M900-series pneumatic pinch valves

Pneumatic Pinch Valves

Air-operated pinch valves as a replacement for wetted valves in biopharmaceutical processing, food and beverage, and industrial applications where sterility and wash down procedures are needed.

Bimba ACRO's pneumatic pinch valves offer high flexibility, excellent performance and compact design for a variety of biopharmical, single-use, food & beverage and industrial applications. The M900-series is designed for high volume applications and can handle 3.2 – 41.3mm (⅛" – 1⅝") tubing. The new M600-series offers compactness and affordability without compromising performance for lower flow applications. Tubing size 2.4 – 9.5 mm (0.094" – ⅜")

Designed for larger flow volume bioprocessing and industrial applications, these models output very strong linear forces needed to control fluid in tubing with an instant open or close in tube sizing ranging from 3.2 mm – 42.2 mm (⅛" – 1⅝") OD.
Bimba ACRO's new M600 series is designed to serve a broad range of low volume flow pneumatic pinch valve applications that bring a new range of compactness and affordability – a cost effective replacement for wetted valves.