Single Use Solutions - for Pharmaceutical and Biotech professionals

LEVIFLOW® LFS-SU Single-Use Flow meters

LEVIFLOW® LFSC-SU (Single-Use) Series

Non-invasive, Ultrasonic High Precision Single Use Flow Sensors

The LEVIFLOW® single-use flowmeters are designed for non- invasive flow measurements of high purity fluids with flexible tubing.

All wet materials are fabricated from biocompatible (FDA, USP-VI, BSE/TSE and Animal free) gamma sterilizable polypropylene (PP).


  • High purity and high precision liquid processes
  • Sterile non-invasive flow measurement in Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Biotech processes
  • Flow control in combination with Levitronix MagLev pump systems
  • Single-use disposable applications


System Configuration

The standard configuration of the LEVIFLOW® single-use flowmeters consists of a flow sensor and a converter with a digital signal processor (DSP) for processing the sensor signals.

Various signals (analog output, digital input/output) are provided and can be configured with a PC software. A RS485 bus allows arrays of multiple flowmeters. In addition, the sensor value is shown on a 4-digit display.

For debugging, data collection and configuration with a PC the LEVIFLOW® 
Configuration Software is available at Levitronix® together with a USB to RS485 adaptor.


  • Flow range: 0–0.8 l/min[LFS-03SU]; 0–8 l/min[LFS-06SU/-06SU-SC1]; 0–20 l/min[LFS-10SU]; 0–80 l/min[LFS-20SU]
  • Triclamp Fitting size: 3/8" (ID= 6.4 mm)[LFS-03SU]; 3/8" (ID= 6.4 mm)[LFS-06SU/-06SU-SC1]; 1/2" (ID= 9.4 mm)[LFS-10SU]; 1" (ID= 22.2 mm)[LFS-20SU]
  • Maximum fluid pressure: 0–5 bar
  • Accuracy of reading ±1%: @ >35 ml/min[LFS-03SU]; @ >1.7 l/min[LFS-06SU]; @ >0.08 l/min[LFS-06SU-SC1]; @ >4.7 l/min[LFS-10SU]; @ >18.8 l/min[LFS-20SU]
  • Accuracy of reading @ < 35 ml/min: see manual[LFS-03SU]; @ <1.7 l/min: ±17 ml/min[LFS-06SU]; @ <0.08 l/min: 0.8 ml/min[LFS-06SU-SC1]; @ <4.7 l/min: ±47 ml/min[LFS-10SU]; @ < 18.8 l/min: ±188 ml/min[LFS-20SU]
  • Fluid temperature: 10–60°C
  • High precision flow measurement (1% of Reading)
  • Product Line covers mL/min to 80 L/min
  • Gentle to sensitive Fluids like CHO Cells and Proteins based on ultrasonic technology, no moving parts
  • High Accurate and Dynamic Flow Control with Levitronix® MagLev Pump
  • Highly Flexible Configuration, same hardware (converter and cables) for SU Sensors and Clamp On Sensors
  • Easy integration into OEM equipment
  • Easy configurable flow sensor parameters (PC software)
  • Integrated and configurable totalizer function
  • Gamma radiation up to 40kGy
  • All wet materials of the SU flowmeters are made of biocompatible
  • (FDA, USP-VI, BSE/TSE and Animal free) polypropylene (PP)
  • Improved bubble robustness due to DSP technology