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Manual Pinch valve

The Pinch-Valve is made from glass filled nylon. This material is extremely strong and is stable during heat exposure and mechanical load.

The Pinch Valve is easy to use because there is only one way to close it, no adjustments possible. Because of this over-compression and destruction of tubing is prevented. The Pinch-Valve cannot be installed incorrectly. A locking device prevents unwanted opening of the Pinch-Valve when needed. A tie-wrap or some other device can be installed.


  • Material: ULTRAMID® (BASF) Glass filled Nylon 66 Compound number CMD-1057
  • Temperature range -20°C to 150°C
  • Maximum Gamma Irradiation 50kGy
  • Meets: EC 10/2011, FDACertified TSE/BSE (ADIF) free (EME/410/01)
  • Tubing type & size up to: Braided Silicone Max. 3/8”x 5/8” ( 9,5 X 16)Clear Silicone Max. ¾” ID (19 mm) min. wall thickness should always be > 2,40 mm (3/32”)