Single Use Solutions - for Pharmaceutical and Biotech professionals

Non Metallic Clamps

Available now our new non-metallic Pharma-Clamp for single use applications. Simple to use because it can only close in one way, no adjustments possible. This prevents over compression and destruction of the gasket.

he demand for disposable items is increasing rapidly. Many of these items are sterilized by gamma radiation. Metal parts cannot be gamma radiated and will create non sterile area’s because of shadow. Our non metallic clamps can be gamma radiated because gamma will go through this high performance plastic and are therefore ideal for disposable fabrication sets.

These clamps are ideal when non metallic tri-clamp adapters need to be assembled.


  • No intrusion of gasket material into the flow path, so full flow capacity through your system.
  • It also has a temper locking hole build in to prevent opening of the clamp during transport.
  • A tyrap or some other device can be installed.
  • Material is FDA sanctioned and can safely be Gamma radiated @ 50kGy without material distortion, autoclaved or exposed to steam.
  • Pressure rating is set to maximum 10 bar.