Single Use Solutions - for Pharmaceutical and Biotech professionals

Colder Products aseptic disconnectors


HFC39 Series couplings provide aseptic disconnect functionality. Automatic shutoff valves seals off the flow path at disconnection, protecting valuable media while also eliminating the need for pinch clamps and tube welders.

An easy-to-use thumb latch design provides a secure, leak-free connection as well as enabling one-handed disconnects.

  • Automatic shutoff valves provide validated aseptic disconnect for pre-sterilized systems
  • Audible CPC “click” provides confidence of a secure
  • connection
  • Lightweight and easy integration with single-use tube assemblies
  • BSE/TSE free materials; meeting ADCF requirements


  • Pressure: Vacuum to 125 psi, 8.62 bar
  • Temperature: -40°F (-40°C) to 280°F (138°C)
  • Main components: Polysulfone (amber tint), USP Class VI, ADCF
  • O-rings: Silicone (clear), platinum-cured, USP Class VI, ADCF
  • Springs: 316 stainless steel
  • Gamma Sterilization: Up to 50 kGy gamma irradiation. Sterilize coupled or uncoupled.
  • Autoclave Sterilization: Up to 270°F (132°C) for 60 minutes. Up to 25 repetitions for uncoupled units and one cycle for coupled units.