Single Use Solutions - for Pharmaceutical and Biotech professionals

Colder Products Company Sanitary couplings for integrating components into single-use/single-use to stainless sysytems


CPC Sanitary coupling attaches directly to ¾", 1" and 1½" sanitary terminations to provide greater flexibility for integrating components into single-use or hybrid (single-use to stainless) process systems.

Attach directly to popular 3/4" mini and 1" maxi size sanitary connections and eliminate the need for cumbersome adapters or tubing assemblies. Direct attachment allows faster connection to and disconnection from installed, rigid and flexible piping systems. 

Standard bag systems with quick couplings can be easily connected to equipment with sanitary terminations, while single-use cartridge filters can be converted to incorporate quick couplings for greater system modularity.

  • Ergonomic thumb latch allows for easy operation - even with gloved hands
  • ¾" mini and 1"maxi sanitary & 1½" sanitary terminations are installed with standard gaskets and clamps
  • Compatibility with MPC and MPX Series and Back-to-Back adaptors provides for easy conversion to industry standard connections on single-use systems
  • BSE/TSE free materials meet ADCF requirements


  • Pressure: Vacuum to 60 psi, 4.14 bar
  • Temperature: -40°F (-40°C) to 300°F (149°C)
  • Main components: Polysulfone (amber tint), USP Class VI, ADCF
  • Seals: Silicone (clear), platinum-cured, USP Class VI, ADCF
  • Sanitary sizes: ¾" mini and 1" maxi and 1½"
  • Autoclave Sterilization: At 270°F (132°C) for 60 minutes, up to 25 cycles
  • EtO Sterilization: Up to five cycles
  • Gamma irradiation Sterilization: Up to 50 Kilograys
  • E-Beam Sterilization: Up to 50 Kilograys