Single Use Solutions - for Pharmaceutical and Biotech professionals

ARTeSYN® Pinch Valve

The ARTeSYN® Pinch Valve(PV), or Arterial Proces Valve(APV) is the newest innovation for your single use or frequently changed process applications

The ARTeSYN® Pinch Valve has the fewest product contact components possible in a valve: One! Quick change out of the process elements in various customizable configurations means you are guaranteed the ultimate solution to your specific process requirements.

  • The ARTeSYN® engineered range of valves and modules are revolutionary in design and performance.
  •  Totally customizable, they can be integrated into existing system setups or used in new installations.
  • The variety of liner materials, connection options, methods of operation and valve control configurations offer you a versatile product range solving your system design needs!


  • Available in various materials of construction including stainless 316L & performance plastic
  • Color coded handles for process identification
  • Reduced componentry for easy use
  • Multiple orientations and sizes available depending on flow patterns
  • No tools necessary for assembly and disassembly
  • Multiple connection types
  • Progressive flow curve
  • Single or Multi use flow paths
  • Readily automated
  • Virtually eliminates hold up volumes