Single Use Solutions - for Pharmaceutical and Biotech professionals

Diaphragm Replacement Valves

he ARTeSYN™ Diaphragm Replacement Valve is a revolutionary fluid management solution for your single use or frequently changed process applications. It has the fewest product contact components possible in a valve: One!

Quick change out of the process elements in various customizable configurations means you are guaranteed the ultimate solution to your specific process requirements.

  • The ARTeSYN™ design improves on traditional pinch valves with its simplicity and functionality.
  • The compact design maintains the versatility and durability that our customers have come to depend on.
  • Our standard liners are made from cost effective industry approved platinum cured siliconee available in limitless orientations and configurations with liners that have integral hygienic gasket ends or plain tube ends.
  • Liners are easily removed and replaced for single use applications
  • There is no easier valve to assemble and service!
  • The ARTeSYN™ system is easily retrofitted with pneumatically actuated control tops
  • Now you can automate your single use process system or simplify the cleanup of your existing system with a drop in replacement for your existing diaphragm valves.


  • Available in various materials of construction including stainless 316L & performance plastic
  • Color coded handles for process identification
  • Reduced componentry for easy use
  • Multiple orientations and sizes available depending on flow patterns
  • No tools necessary for assembly and disassembly
  • Multiple connection types
  • Progressive flow curve
  • Single or Multi use flow paths
  • Readily automated
  • Virtually eliminates hold up volumes