Single Use Solutions - for Pharmaceutical and Biotech professionals


PendoTECH Air in Tube Detector Operates with sound waves and is non-invasive to the fluid path.

Detects presence of air or liquid in tube. Perfect for use in processes with single use fluid paths with no expendable costs.

  • Can be integrated to control systems to measure the output and trigger response in the following types of processes:
    • Chromatography- to prevent air from being pumped into column
    • Depth Filtration- to detect end of batch
    • Tangential Flow Filtration- to determine the end-point of fed-batch or buffer additions
    • Bioreactors- monitor bioreactor feed lines to notify if addition sources are empty


  • Digital 5V Output with air = 5V output, liquid = 0V output
  • 24VDC supply
  • Detects bulk air defined as over ½ the cross section empty
  • Integral red-colored LED lit when liquid present
  • Integral 8 foot (2.4M) cable with M12 style connector
  • Optional mating connector for panel mount installation