Single Use Solutions - for Pharmaceutical and Biotech professionals


Featuring the ability to read 14 devices, PendoTECH’s Data Acquisition System™ streamlines bioprocessing data management by collecting all sensor data to a central interface.

PC software displays the data, which can be real-time trended and saved to an Excel-compatible file on a hard drive for convenient data management. The DAQ software can optionally perform calculated values such as DeltaP and trans-membrane pressure that are used for certain filtration applications. Users have the ability to enter electronic notes, which are also logged to the data file, resulting in data that is supremely organized.

Available inputs on the DAQ include: 4 pressure sensors, 2 scales, 2 flow meters, 1 pH probe, 1 conductivity electrode, 1 air-in-tube detector and 3 analog inputs that are configurable to other sensors such as UV, temperature and turbidity.


  • 4 pressure measurements with PendoTECH Pressure Sensors which can be re-used extensively or other pressure sensors/transducers optional pH (traditional probe) conductivity electrode
  • 2 flowmeters with pulse/freq signal
  • Air Detector ( for air or liquid detection or can be used as an alarm)
  • 2 scales (by serial RS232)
  • 2 generic analog 4-20mA inputs (configured in software for range, units of measure, and digits of precision)
  • 1 generic analog 0-10V input (configured in software for range, units of measure, and digits of precision)
  • PC software for graphical interface
  • Critical alarms on pressures, pH, conductivity, and analog inputs
  • Pre-alarm condition notifications with option to send email notifications
  • Dry contact relay alarm signal (could be used to shut off a pump)
  • Trending up to 8 parameters
  • All data logged to a CSV file that is opened with Excel