Single Use Solutions - for Pharmaceutical and Biotech professionals


PendoTECH Bringing proven and reliable METTLER TOLEDO single-use pH technology to an in-line format ideal for downstream processing applications.

PendoTECH offers two products for in-line pH measurements. The PendoTECH Process Development In-line pH Probe & Flow Cell is designed for process development that can be re-used or can be disposed of to eliminate concerns of cross contamination. This product requires calibration that can be completed by the graphical user interface software wizard if used with a PendoTECH Control System or if plugged directly into a pH monitor, the monitor menus are accessed to perform a 2 point calibration. This product does not have the complete biocompatibility profiles for use in GMP operations.

The PendoTECH Single Use In-line pH Sensor is designed for GMP operations or can also be used in process development applications. This product comes pre-calibrated with values for the pH 7 and the slope. And it has fully traceability on materials and qualification of biocompatibility.


  • Ideal for measuring pH in-line with liquid moving through the flow cell in GMP operations operations
  • No process calibration required
  • Single Use design that is compatible with gamma irradiation
  • Has a rapid response to change in pH conditions
  • Designed for use with existing METTLER TOLEDO transmitters