Single Use Solutions - for Pharmaceutical and Biotech professionals

BarbLock® Ultra-Secure Retainers

BarbLock® Ultra-Secure Retainers are the most advanced design available in today’s demanding connective applications.

When it comes to retaining flexible tubing and hose onto barbed fittings, BarbLock® retainers are the only system with a full 360° radial crimp behind the barb and 360° of compression directly over the barb’s ridge.

BarbLock® retainers have become the standard in many industries, including biopharmaceutical, medical and laboratory, because they solve inherent leak path problems in sensitive and demanding applications.

The retainer uses no adhesives or solvents, is ideal for systems transferring delicate liquids or gases, and is quick and easy to assemble, saving valuable time.


  • Biopharmaceutical transport systems
  • Flexible tubing and hose retainers
  • Disposable assemblies
  • Medical equipment and apparatus
  • Quick connects


  • Replaces inconsistent and leak-prone cable ties and traditional clamps
  • Compatible with all flexible tubing materials
  • Provides 360° radial crimp behind the barb
  • Supplies 360° compression over the barb and full dynamic retention
  • Eliminates solvent bonding, ultraviolet bonding and toxic adhesives
  • Constructed with USP Class VI materials
  • Quick and easy to assemble


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